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Noun; The roach of the blunt that burns your finger while you smoke it. You are most likely too keyed to feel it until moments later, then you scream and drop/flick the Finger Burner to its final destination. Your gonna have to pinch the FB to avoid getting hurt. GOOD LUCK.
Man-Dude 1: "Fuck I hope I don't get the Finger Burner this time around"
Man-Dude 2: "Yep, dem Finger Burners do sting ya and leave a mighty stank"
Man-Dude 1 "Yikes, i got the Finger Burner again!"
by TRAPHOUSEBOOMIN December 27, 2010
Jewish kid + juiced= drunk jewish fuck.
Hoon: "Josh was so Jewsed last night at Lukas' house!"
Annie: "I KNOW! he was too wasted to put his own shoes on"
Hoon: "That jew bastard wouldn't even let me hit his blunt, so fuckin stingy!"
by TRAPHOUSEBOOMIN December 27, 2010
You get the DooDoo Blunt when the resin from the roach of the blunt gets on you while your holding the the Finger Burner. The DooDoo commonly gets on your lips, fingers, or nig tits. if your spit is all over the bleeze then your just lippin it too hard, so cut that shit out. Okay Den.
Alfred: "Dawg, what the fuck is that on your lip?"
Hoon: "Hahah, thats the DooDoo blunt!"
Taku: "Its shittin on Alfred!"
Alfred: " Your bout to get the DooDoo blunt in a quick sec. That resin is some stinky Oooh Doo"
by TRAPHOUSEBOOMIN January 12, 2011

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