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The worst quality food known to mankind!
MacDonald's mmm lovely, traces of faeces (true!) in every bite!
by Tracy March 23, 2004
Noun. A rope tied to a tree branch in which people of all ages swing on, sometimes into the water if it's a good one.

* believed to be more commonly called a 'rope swing'
-Lets go on that awesome zunga by the river
by Tracy July 07, 2003
It basically means lyk to leave summink coz it's out of order or it's a long ting.
Jon.K:Come we go shop Tracy!
Tracy: Allow it man dats a trek lyk.
by Tracy August 17, 2004
Term used to express when a female is masterbating
Sara was so horny last night and was all alone, so she started clicking the mouse.
by Tracy January 27, 2004
A man who is incredibly horny with an afro and a big nose. Also a man who likes to pull his pants down infront of women and ask if his ass looks okay.
I'm Merv the Perv, can I stick my wee-wee inside your cootchie-wee?
by Tracy November 10, 2003
Some Ova Heavy MC straight out of E3 u no big up big up *braaap*
'Lifes bin ruff, gritty shitty life aint bin 2 pretty far from buff now I'm off 2 the elegant stuff!!'
by Tracy August 18, 2004
acting in an inappropriately uppish, snobby manner; also high-fallutin'
Her high-falluting airs made me want puke.
by Tracy January 22, 2004

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