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1. A long-time 2600 staff writer, efnet #2600 channel operator, and noted phreak; well-respected and accomplished member of the hacker underground.

2. One of the first openly gay members of the hacker underground.

3. An old-school Pacific Northwest raver, often seen dancing with glow sticks at outdoor parties.
1. Good luck getting TProphet to kick that flooder. All he does is idle on irc for weeks.

2. That's even more gay than TProphet!

3. Don't mind that old guy jumping around and dancing like an idiot. It's just TProphet. I have no idea how he does it without drugs!
by TProphet July 29, 2006
Wilx (will'ex):

1: The personification of shady, off-color, generally illicit, and usually illegal. While usually small-time, Wilx activities run across the entire spectrum of criminal activity, from running illegal cock fights to conducting bank heists.

2: The act of conducting such activities as defined in #1.

3. A hideous drunk sex line of ugliness beyond which ordinary people will not cross.

1. Hey, I saw Wilx dealing 3-card Monty down at the Greyhound station a few hours ago. He didn't have any broken limbs yet, either!

2. I'm going to pull a Wilx on Best Buy for sure! I'll bring back an old shoe in this hard drive box, and I bet they won't even open it before they refund my money!

3. Man, I got really drunk last night. But at least I didn't get Wilx drunk!

4. Foamy green discharge, crabs... I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!
by TProphet June 06, 2006

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