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One of the saddest attempts at what really is an attempt at a communist uprising to ever happen on this earth. Many of these ptotestors are upset at other who were successful. Many of these successful people did not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on liberal arts degrees and do not overextend themselves as many protestors did. While this may be claimed to be a resurgence of democracy and a movement of the people it is really just an attempt by the ploteriat to turn democracy into communism. This should be considered a "masked" movement as the protestors are not very clear about what they want other than "justice for the wrongs of Wall Street executives." Behind these requests there have been mutterings of healthcare for all and other socialist and communist principles. But then again think about it from the protestor's view. If you were a college major with a degree in political science who could not find a job even though you paid almost $50,000 a year for your college education that has not done anything for you, you would be mad also. One must also consider, however, the student going to a in state public college with an all tuition paid for scholarship and working a job at the local conveniece store to pay for his or her rent. Now if they were to come out with a degree in engineering and quickly get a job, he or ahe would not be angry with Wall Street since he or she wasfinancially responsible.
Matt went to Brown and got that political science degree he so desperately wanted. He also made sure to keep up to date and have the latest iPhone and Macbook. He is involved in Occupy Wall Street. Why so? Well he is currently jobless.

Jennifer went to the Ohio State University. She worked throughout college to pay her rent and her cell phone bill in addition to covering other personal costs. She graduated college debt free with a pre-med degree. She just landed an internship and is also working towards becoming a cardiologist. She is not occupying Wall Street because she is beginning to invest in her own retirement fund and she is to busy woth work and college.
by TPaine#CommonSense November 03, 2011

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