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12 definitions by TP

not a bad word, somehing good to yell for fun
by TP December 30, 2002
9 18
Used in the gay community, meaning "loose ass"
victor: hey gregory i got with sheldon last night!
gregory: how was it?
victor: everything was fine till i found out he has an assclit.
gregory: (nods in shame)
by TP April 23, 2003
10 25
Used in ghetto or gangster english to replace the common form "does she".
All I wanna know is, douche wanna have sex with me?
by TP August 29, 2003
5 28
World of Warcraft, abbreviated WoW, is a computer game for losers who have absolutley no life. The only time WoW players see a real pussy in their life is when they come out of their mom's pussy at birth. The game is an addiction to those who play it, sometimes more addicting than drugs such as cocaine. WoW players spend 20 hours of their day playing this game. They never shower, and hardly ever eat and sleep. Anyone who plays this game is a retard who needs to get a damn life and the average IQ of the people in the world would jump dramatically if all of the WoW players were killed.
My roommate plays World of Warcraft constantly. He is failing all of his classes because WoW is more important than homework and studying to him. He never showers either and smells like shit.
by tp March 07, 2005
213 275
You would may be said when a bloke finds a young lady sexually attractive.
Oooh I think you would.
by TP September 29, 2004
12 104