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The act of throwing corn kernels or corn cobs at an individuals house to cause commotion.
When we went corning, I nailed my teacher's house with three bags of corn cobs before she realized what was happening.
by Toxic February 18, 2004
A huge douche who is fat and has 12 chins
Wow you si0x.

Get the fuck outta here you damn si0x
by toxic March 23, 2005
A corruption of 1337 speak's "h4x0r" or "haxor", generally mocking script kiddies and the way they talk. Also a way of pretending you're 1337 when you know that it's stupid or that you know that you're not.
Dewd. I am so teh eleet hacksor.
I will hacksor your bocksor.
by toxic August 13, 2003
Word used in the United Kingdom esp. London between peers meaning hello, thank you or goodbye.
safe for that bloodmeaning thanks for that friend.
by TOXIC December 20, 2004
One who has become a huge fagg0t for sighing his posts
Hi, guys im a fag.

by toxic January 19, 2004
Pimped out person that programs in VB is a pimp and good at CS. He owns fuckers like you, and hes a pimp.
OmFg ToXic Is ToXiFiNg Me i WiLL bE a PiMp nOw.
by Toxic May 24, 2004
first french kiss with some person
my brother will never get his first kiss
by Toxic March 13, 2004
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