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Acronym for "Professional Association of Diving Instructors." Trains SCUBA divers at all levels of training. A large corporation that most divers have a love-hate relationship with as they charge too much for their books and course materials. Similar organizations include NAUI and SSI.
PADI charged me $50 for this flimsy-ass book! I bet I could learn just as much by reading on the internet and using that $50 for diving.
by TOTA October 31, 2005
An annoying person who bothers you to watch their tweets on twitter. A conjunction of Twitter and Hitler.
Annoying Twitter Person: "Dude, why aren't you following me on twitter?"
Sane TOTA-like person: "Um, because I have a life? Stop being such a Twitler and just let me go back to my normal Facebook."
by TOTA April 15, 2009
The smallest division of a fart; a fart molecule. Made up principally of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Sulphur atoms in gaseous form. A single folecule is detectible when particularly potent. See entries at farticle and farticles.
Innocent Bystander: "Dude, did you let one fly?"
Guilty Party: "Yes, but it was a tiny one."
Innocent Bystander: "Disgusting! I got a whiff of your folecules way over here!"
by Tota May 18, 2008

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