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1 definition by TONESTER

1. A device used to cleanse one's dirty vagina.
2. A complete brainless moron that does nothing but kill other human beings by wasting oxygen.
3. Jeremy Rienbolt, Marina’s High School’s Band Director. The one guy who does nothing but screw everyone over.
1. The only action Jeremy is ever able to view, besides in his car, (& his mother), is watching female, or male, nude sluts that need to use a douche to clean out their vaginas.
3. Krissy asked Jeremy why he was such a douche.
2. Lucy asked Mr. Rein-douche if she could go to skip the band competition to take her SATS. Mr. Rein-douche replies, "Where can I contact these SATS people?"
by TONESTER December 01, 2005