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A person who is tone deaf lacks the ability to correctly hear relative differences between musical notes.
in the music lesson:

teacher: "ok bob, give me a SOL"
bob does something with the guitar...
teacher: "NOO!!!, that's not a SOL!!... are you tone deaf ?!!"
by TMP3 December 06, 2010
when you buy a drink at the bar where they know you and you have no cash at the time, you get them to put it on your account (tab). If you leave the area or disappear without paying that account, you are skipping out on a bar tab
You're in a bar:
-hey man... can I get some drink... I'll pay you later..
-sure... here..
Then you take a few drinks and take off.... and just disappear...
and that's called "Skipping out on a tab"...
by TMP3 December 06, 2010

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