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9 definitions by TMONEY

Someone who wheels brauds and fucks them at random not giving a fuck who they are or what they're name is, cuz it's all about the pussy
Jake from romp.com is the true Jedi Pimp!
by TMONEY June 19, 2003
27 8
another term meaning "at your" in the ebonics world
holla atcho boy fo a dolla tomorra. word!
by TMONEY February 22, 2005
16 8
Iraqi for sausage fest. from the Daily Show on 02/15/05
The stag party in Baghdad was a forest of turbans
by Tmoney February 15, 2005
11 3
where one person's ass hole is the cave and a big group of people get into the party, usually a line is formed
Dude, we had a caveman party on Tommy's sister last night, it was really fun you shoulda been there
by tmoney March 11, 2003
7 4
Something so complex it can only be described by combining Difficult and Complicated into one word.
Damn man, i thought that last test was hard, but this one was difflicated as hell.
by TMONEY July 22, 2005
3 2
The best soda ever, and the drink that the inferior Dr.Pepper was created in the image of. Can be found in Mr. Holland's room for $2.00 per bottle.
Had to get me some 'Thunder so I headed on over to 906.
by Tmoney April 07, 2005
26 26
to ejaculate so hard your cum shoots out and hits a chick in the face. often times when a person ejaculates it is difficult to control and will hit other various objects around the room.
Jim, I am sorry for skeeting all over your bed when I was doing your mom.
Oh and jim i skeeted on your sister's face and your lamp.
by tmoney March 15, 2004
20 24