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4 definitions by TMOFFT

What one of the hos scream when punched or sliced by a knife in Grand Theft Auto San Andeas.
"My money makin' face! You think you can punch up on me for free!"
by TMOFFT December 18, 2004
10 0
To be involved in gang, or gang like, activities. Such as selling drugs, or pimping hos.
"I bang wit da Ballas Punk."
by tmofft August 13, 2006
13 9
To "get high" or alter one's state of mind with drugs or alcohol.
I needs to nut up tonight. I be off tomorrow fo snizzle!
I'm bout to nut up punk.
by tmofft January 23, 2005
11 57
To use the internet to start problems, insult, or hurt others. An action that only usually affects the person trolling.
Usually a very bored, lonely person with no friends. Or a punk ass kid.
"My AOL account was shut down because I was trolling in a chatroom."
by tmofft January 22, 2005
534 595