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-n- a board game player who rolls the dice off the game board and onto the floor, or any non-target surface.
*While playing Monopoly, Luis rolls the dice. They roll off the board and skitter across the floor*

Jordan: Way to go, rolltard!
by TJO December 20, 2008
-n- an incident involving the incorrect usage of an apostrophe. Normally occurs when confusing the possessive and contractual form of "its/it's."
Bond: Making fun of 90s pop culture items has become it's own internet meme.

G$: evidently, so has the apostro-fail
by TJO April 10, 2009

olaf -fing- -fed-: a sexual term in which you dildo a girl with a carrot, and when she orgasms you yell "Watch out for my butt!" and proceed to shit on her.
Room Mate: Dude, it smells in here...and why does this carrot taste funky?
Me: The chick I was with last night wanted me to Olaf her.

*room mate spits out carrot*
by TJO June 01, 2014
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