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One who listens to music for it's talent. The artists may be everyone from Bach and Mozart, to Arch Enemy and Iron Maiden. They believe that the so called "Class system" and "social status" are just labels that the insecure people in society have created to seperate themselves and make them feel superior. If a metal-head weres a shirt and is asked why, they will say "Cus I like it" NOT "Cus I'm a metal-head" True Metal heads will not say such things. Generally very accepting over different ways of life with a strong sense of moral and honor.
Dude 1: That guy isn't a metal-head, I checked his playlist, he listens to Bach and mozart
Dude 2: Whatever he's listening to Arch Enemy right now and yesterday was jamming to Iron Maiden, he's a complete metal-head
Dude 1: You can't listen to classical music and heavy metal and say you're a metal head!
Metal-Head: Actually you can, where do you think music started, with the classics. *Sighs* Oh the ignorance.....
by TIMOTAIO October 06, 2006

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