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The tendency for certain programmers to reject new, more efficient, cleaner methods for writing code in exchange for what they perceive as doing things "their way". What this usually translates into is a buggy program with no comments, meaningless variable names, no indentation, and a monolith of if/else/switch/case statements as opposed to using an object oriented structure.

Like most shitty poetry, ego code is beautiful only to it's creator and an annoyance to everyone forced to work with it.
Guy 1: Oh my God, Linux is SO OVERRATED, nothing works for it!
Guy 2: That's because its Linus' ego code.
by THIS-guy-!!!! July 08, 2010
Poodle bluffing is attempting to intimidate someone who outclasses the poodle bluffer in a very obvious way. Think Pee-Wee Herman challenging Carrot Top to a fist fight.

Toy poodles are angry and bitter little creatures. Perhaps they feel slighted by the evolutionary process having taken away their natural survival skills in exchange for poofy hair and the ability to dig holes. Generation after generation of inbreeding created this feisty little abomination, lending itself to retarded behavior like poodle bluffing.
Guy 1: When I asked if he was gay, Tom insisted on his heterosexuality and showed me his Rolodex full of call girls.

Guy 2: He's just poodle bluffing, everyone knows that Tom is a peter puffer.
by THIS-guy-!!!! July 08, 2010
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