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Quite possible the greatest mix of sex positions known to mankind. Although much planning must go into this, the final result is as follows:
Two men and one woman in a port-o-potty,
One man sits on toilet and shits while the woman sucks his fat weiner,
The other man stand behind the woman and sticks his fat cock in her poophole,
Both males pop a fat lip (preferably skoal) in their mouth,
While this fantastic orgy is occuring, both males hold hands as high as they can to emulate the Eiffel tower,
Since it is impossible to hold a spitter while performing this position, the females back acts as the spitter.

When both males are done ejaculating, it is encouraged to leave the girl laying in the port-o-john and walk away.
Todd: "Yo that girl is passed out let's draw on her!
Bill: "Fuck that there's a portopotty, let's blumpkin dip tower of doom the shit out of her"
Todd: "That's the greatest idea I have heard in years. Let's go"
by THEmightyduck June 13, 2010

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