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1 definition by THEkingOFperverts

THE GREATEST THING EVER One night my girlfriend was home alone. I came home to our apartment late, and as I got inside I saw she was waiting for me wearing nothing but her pink panties. My girlfriend, Natalie was so hot you wouldnt believe. She had long brown flowing hair, a nice tight ass, and big soft firm boobs. She walked right up to me and shoved her hand down my pants. "Natalie.." I said, overcome with joy and pleasure. "Don't say a word." She said with an angry tone in her voice. She immediately took off my pants and I felt a bit shocked. I couldn't wait until we had some sex. She licked my cock until I was hard and then she took off her panties. She was soaking wet. Her vagina was a bit fuzzy, but not too hairy. It was a dark brown color. Her pussy was bright pink. She demanded me to get on my knees and eat her out. I gladly agreed and she was screaming and moaning with joy. At that point I just shoved her to the ground and slid my penis into her pussy. "Faster, FASTER! Harder, HAAARDER!" She screamed. "Oooooh, Ahhhhhh!
Don't stop, Robert!" Just the sound of her voice made me fucking horny. I threw her on the bed and as I was about to cum all over her body the doorbell rang, stopping me. I went to the door with my dick hanging out and it was the hot blonde in the appartment below mine. Her name was Demi, she had great big round hooters and a nice tight ass. This must have been the luckiest day of my life. She threw me on the floor and said "Please fuck me!" I went in and out of her hairless pussy faster and harder."I have to join! I'm just too fucking horny!" Natalie screamed. Then Demi said "Why dont you come and eat me out." Natalie screamed "Gladly!". Then while Natalie was eating Demi's pussy I went and shoved my dick in Natalie's ass. This went on for about a half an hour. Then after Demi came and I cumed in Natalie's ass they both liked off each others juices. After they finished I layed down on the bed and let Natalie and Demi lick my hard cock. Then after a few minutes I couldn't hold it anymore and I unleashed my load and it went all over their faces. They kissed each other with my cum still on their faces and they liked off all my cum and swallowed all of it. All three of us were so happy. As I was in bed, holding Demi in one arm and Natalie in the other, Natalie asked "So, which one of us was better." sex
by THEkingOFperverts December 18, 2011