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The scale of ones homosexual actions from 1 to gay.
Guy: I hate you! if your life had a face i would punch it!
Ian: If your life had a nipple i would rub it
Guy:Dude, you just dropped so low on the homoscale

Ian: pizza is something i really admire but touching your

nipples is my true desire
Guy: OMFG, now your lower than justin bieber!!
#homo #scale #actions #gay #lol
by THENukem July 05, 2011
Obviously hells yes with a ness! making an epic trio of AWESOME, ass kicking, action-filled positiveness
Guy "dude, are you going to Chandlers party"
Other Guy "hellsyesness

Drunk girl "Wana' see my boobs?"
Drunk guy "hellsyesness"
Drunk girl "what does that even mean?"
Drunk guy "i have no idea, just gime' some tits BITCH"
#hell #s #ness #boobs #awesome
by THENukem June 23, 2011
When someone is totally disagreeing with something so much that they have to add a ness on the end to give extra emphasis.
"dude did you kiss that slutty bitch?"
response "fuckno-ness, that thought makes me gag!"
#fuck #no #ness #penis
by THENukem June 16, 2011
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