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A person who, regardless of income, finds it necessary to pay less than his or her fair share, if anything, or lacks interest in doing activities that cost money.

Such individuals may resort to nonsensical excuses that do not justify why he or she doesn't want to do something (such as go to the movies) that may potentially cost money.

He or she may also simply carry credit cards on a night out when they know the activities during the night will cost actual cash and not plastic. This is to avoid paying for their share and being able to fall back on, "I only have my card." They will sometimes ask you to spot them and they'll pay you back later, but you know that won't happen.

A simple solution to prevent from being seen as a cheapass is to merely say, "hey man, I really don't have the money right now, do you mind if we do something else?" Being honest is something that people will respect. Also, cheapasses generally think they're clever with their words and that nobody is figuring out that it's because they don't have any money (or don't want to spend it). However, people can usually detect when somebody is being a cheapass and tend to make fun of said person behind their back because it's annoying that they won't just be honest.

Another solution to prevent from being a cheapass is to always make sure you pay money back to people you owe it to. Nothing is worse than when somebody owes you money and they continue to not pay you back and give you excuse after excuse as to why they don't have it, yet you see them spending money on a girl or other stupid things. It is best to stop being friends and/or associating with said cheapasses.
Joe: Hey man do you want to go see a movie?
Sam: Nah man all the movies out look terrible. (Even though he was just talking about how good movie ___ looked)
Joe: Oh... well do you want to go bowling?
Sam: No man I just went a few months ago.
Joe: Why does that mean you can't go now?
Sam: Because dude I don't want to. What the hell.
Joe: Well do you want to do anything?
Sam: There's nothing to do. Maybe you can just come sit at my house.
Joe (in his mind): Damn cheapass...
by THEJohnathan May 03, 2009
An overused phrase intended to add a level of sarcastic suspense to a ― usually pointless ― event. Usually repeated at least twice in addition to dragging the words; especially "it" (waaiitt for itttt.... waaiitt for itttt....).

It used to be somewhat funny the first or second time you heard it. But anymore, there seems to be an abundance of people going out of there way to try to fit it in to their conversation, even when it doesn't fit. All of a sudden someone in the conversation will start saying, "wait for it... wait for it...," and you know it didn't belong in the conversation; they just wanted to use the phrase.

If you are going to use this phrase ― along with wearing a trucker hat and Heelies ― AT LEAST wait for a time in the conversation when it actually applies and is appropriate.
You and your friend are waiting for a call back from a hot girl from school.

You> When is she going to call?
Friend> Wait for it... wait for it...
Phone> *rings* ring ring ring ring ring... banana phone... *rings*
by THEJohnathan September 07, 2009
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