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A Greek man who is equal to a stud but much more. He usually smokes a lot of cigarettes and dances to a lot of greek music. He wears dress shoes, jeans, and a dress shirt all the time(usually a black shirt). He carries himself very well and gets all the ladies. Everyone looks up to him and wants to be him. OPA MANGES!!!
by THEGREEKSTUD January 25, 2011
The most hood town in the Napa Valley. It goes down there. we got mexicans at la luna market hanging and drinking beers. white boys smokin stoges and drinkin wine. and theres some dope ass cars in Rutherford. u wanna fuck around here, then the BADASSES OF RUTHERFORD will hunt ur bitch ass down and burn a stoge on ur neck bitch. 707 ALL DAY.
Yan: "Aye breh. Where were you at yesterday?"
Bais: "I was in rutherford burning some stoges at la luna"
Yan: "Ah shit. I was in St. Helena with some fags on some wine tour"
Bais: "Wow bro. You're fuckin gay."
by THEGREEKSTUD September 01, 2010
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