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The lamest excuse for all bad singers.
1:"Just a small town girl, livin' in a loooneelyyyy wo-"
2:"Stop singing. Now. Please."
3:"Hey, that's not nice, I'm tone deaf! Don't make fun of my disability!"
4:"Bitch please."
by THEChillmasters December 22, 2010
Similar to the phrase "That's so chill," The word "chillmaster" can be used in a few ways...

1. Describing one who is most dominant in the act of chilling.

2. A compliment towards a situation.

3. Ending a conversation on a good note.
Bro 1: "Bro, remember Rick?"
Bro 2: "Dude! Rick! That guy was a chillmaster."
Bro 1: "Such a chillmaster."

Bro 1: "Bro...Big George Dizzy-Izzy Blizzardizzy is throwing a topless party next Saturday."
Bro 2: "Bro! No way, that's so chillmaster."

Bro 1: "Alright bro catch you later."
Bro 2: "Alright, chillmaster. See ya."
by THEchillmasters December 04, 2010

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