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A perosn from the counrty of Turkey. No turkeys do not come from there. Many people have mislead information and are against Turks. They beleive they destroy Balcans. The genocide there is because they do not want muslims. However, turkish people are muslims so they woudnt destroy balcans. Most Balcans actually escape to the country for safety. Same with the Iraqis because turkey is rather safe. What happened in the past stays in the past. If you think about it that way then everyone should be against the Gemans for the Nazis. And everyone should be against Christians for having such a religion that forced people to join. A JOIN OR DIE SITUATION. Turkey is very pretty. Covered by seas such as the Black, Aegean, and Medittereanean Sea. The same with Italy. the counrties are very similar. VISIT AND SEE! I am not turkish but i dot have turkish friends and i know how much they got offended so i decided to write this. Turkey is very far in technology. They will also be joing the EEU ( European Economical Union) with a lot of other European countries.
The city Istanbul is voted one of the most beautiful cities in the world (fact!) & is also listed in the "Must See Before Dying" list. They are not Greek kiling people. Greece is the one who wanted to take our their country. I wonder what you would do if someone decided to take over your house.... ? Now though, Greece & Turkey have good relationships. Greece only says bad stuff because they r mad because THEY LOST THE GODDAMN WAR =] In the West Coast the word "turk" is slang for an extremly brave person. DID YOU EVER WONDER WHY THIS WAS!?!?!? Turkey beat many wars like the Americans beat the revolutionary war. with sticks and stones (pretty much). The Turks have no relationship witht he Arabs. Why do you think USA & Turkey are allies? However, Turkey againdt the Iraqi war and does not wish to join. Turkey was the first counrty in Europe to treat women equally and have them vote (1934). Turks have also gone very far in sciences and medical surgeries. If you have ever watched Oprah, Dr.Oz is Turkish and is on once a week. He has a best-selling book called You On A Diet. During the war time Armenians betrayed their country,Turkey, who fed them for years and they became a big problem. Armenians start to kill Turkish people, to start an inside war. After that Turkish army needed to fight with them. In the war lots of innocent people get killed but it is not genocide, what Nazis did is genocide or what Americans did in Iraq is genocide but this is not. Also Turks live in fine places, not in deserts. Turkey can be considered as a Middle East country (even sometimes it is considered as in Europe) but it doesn't even have deserts. I will not deny that The Seljuks did kill many Christians. But guess wut? thats what happens at a war. Just like have us christians are killing muslims in balcan and iraq. SO DONT BE HATIINNNNN =]
Turkey is a very technological modern country that is hated due to many historical fictions that are exaggerated by the people that experienced it. Turkish people are kind and "brave" (used as slang in the West Coast).
by THEBESTDAMNPERSON=D August 29, 2007

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