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A family. Extremely loud, obnoxious and often times, just outright weird. DO NOT GIVE THEM NOISE MAKERS. Way too many people in one house, and excessive swearing often happens. If you are within a one mile radius of them and a gun, take caution. Donlons are psycho, but you cannot help loving them.
Person 1: What is all that noise?!?!?!?!?
Person 2: Oh, thats just the Donlons.
by THEAWESOMECOUSINS December 30, 2010
Best place in the world. In Cape Cod (I'm soooo not telling you where). It is run by the kids from morning 'til night. Amazing for manhunt, but watch out for the dunes. Its hard to be on the back path at night. Do not wear tye dye at the public beach. In fact, just avoid the public beach in general. If you go here, be sure to bring dark clothes. This is also a good place for romance, so watch the woods you're walking through. Nightly outings to PJs are mandatory- unless we don't invite you. Steer clear of little girls circling your house. And if you hear people at night around your house, please understand that manhunt is underway, and do not blow our cover. This place is inhabited by Donlons. This is a place of nightly smores parties/bonfires/pizza dinners. A game of Sorry! In general, this is the most amazing place on earth. Oh yeah, and get to the showerhouse early. The line is killer.
Person 1: Where are you going this summer?
Person 2: Cook's.
Person 1: LUCKY!!!!!!
by THEAWESOMECOUSINS December 30, 2010
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