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A member of a Boy Scout Troop that is MIS-stereotyped as nerdy losers.Each troop consists of 3 types of teenagers : #1 Faggots about 15% of the troop, #2 rejects trying to fit in about 5% of the troop, #3 the badass people who know what there doing and teach there scout friends to do the same. All of them (Fag's and Rejects included) carry knives ,primarily switchblades, around everywhere ,theey never get in trouble for it :D, and can kill you in over 9000 ways with weapons ranging from an M&M/Skittle to a flamethrower that that they made from a soda bottle,3.5 sharpened twigs ,underpants ,duct tape, one slice of meatlovers pizza and a discarded zippo. They can take down anyone/anything ranging from a redneck to Michigan state SPARTAN mascot to an alien robot
1 hey did you hear, cole's patrol just walked in Afghanistan and killed all the terrorists with paperclips, and all got girlfriends at the same time

2 how the hell did they do that!?!

1 well there was a box of paperclips

2 no not that, the girlfriend part

1 oh... they're boy scouts

2 that explains it
by THEANNONYMOUSONE August 24, 2012

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