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To bang a chick with the doors unlocked, lights on, and completely nude in plain view to the world, preferably on a futon.
Matt: Damn, I walked in on my roommate fucking Sarah last night.

Bus: Man he must have been doing it Gregstyle.
by TGDreamweaver February 10, 2009
When drunkenly go down a few steps on the female quality level and wake up and realize what you have done. Shortly after, you find out that she is bragging to all her friends about you when all your friends are laughing at you.
Kyle: What the fuck went down last night, I don't remember?

Matt: You got pujanized.

Kyle: Oh fuck....
by TgDreamweaver February 10, 2009
The belief that sleep is a two-stage process, starting on any surface other then a bed. Once the practitioner achieves initial slumber, they will awaken and migrate to their own actual bed, usually taking along remotes and other nearby items or uttering undecipherable phrases.
Kyle: Look who is sleeping on the couch for the fifth time this week!

Andy: (awakening) uh pooya chee coffa loo

Kyle: I never could understand the McGinnish ways... Can I get the remote before you go upstairs?
by TGDreamweaver June 15, 2011
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