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3 definitions by TG Wargasm

The website eon8 was a page on the internet where you saw a map of the world and many red dots on high populated area. Also, there was a timer that counted down on the bottom of the map. It didnt say what would happen when the timer reached zero so many people presumed it was a nuclear assault plan. When the timer DID hit zero on July 1st it turns out it was a test on how the internet population would respond to a lack of information. We failed...
-ZOMG what do all the dots on da eon8 mean? There is a countdown too!!!
-It must be da nuclear attack!
by TG Wargasm July 01, 2006
What you have to type when youe are drunk on the computer to let people know
Dude1: omgwtf bbq ass face! LOLOLOLOL!

Dude2: what the hell is the matter with you?

Duse1: drunmk
by TG Wargasm November 07, 2006
When a man takes a dump in a sandwich baggy then he haves sex with it for his pleasure. So he is "Brown Baggin'" because his shit is filling the bag and it falls out the sides and gets all squished and omg its gross.
"What did you do this weekend?"
"Oh i stayed home and Brown Baggin' my penis"
"You sick basterd"
by TG Wargasm August 08, 2006