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–verb; to defer the action of crapping; delay: to procrastinate until your sphincter can no longer hold back the wave of poo attempting to break free.

Related Forms:
Procrapinating, Procrapinated, Procrapination, Procrapinator.
Exmaple 1: Today, I was so lazy that I managed to procrapinate seven hours before finally giving in to my sphincter.

Example 2: I'm a chronic procrapinator.
by TG (The Gift) July 30, 2009
DIMP is an internet acronym for "Deucing In My Pants", used to denote great amusement in chat conversations. Most commonly used to convey the image that the user, as a result of laughing so hard, has just soiled themself.

DIMP, much like LOL(ROFL, ROFLMAO, etc.), can be expanded to signify the amount of fecal matter that has occupied the users pants. Such examples would be DIMPWSLO (Deucing In My Pants With Some Leaking Out) or DIMPWSLORDML (Deucing In My Pants With Some Leaking Out and Running down My Leg)

However, it should be noted that is where the similarities between "DIMP" and "LOL" end. "DIMP" is the ideological antithesis to the cultural malignancy that is "LOL" and should not be used vapidly.
When visiting www.planetmanadventures.com, I found the juvenile and offensive nature of the comic strips to be so uproariously humorous that I could not stop DIMPWSLO.
by TG (The Gift) July 30, 2008
GITTS is an internet acronym for "Giving In To The Sphincter". This is used to the convey the image that the user can no longer procrapinate and must go to the bathroom immediately lest they shit their pants.

Typically used in conjunction with procrapinate.
Guy 1: Dude, I don't think I can procrapinate anymore. I'm about to shit my pants.
Guy 2: DIMP
Guy 1: brb GITTS
by TG (The Gift) August 05, 2009

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