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To pass gas or or other wise shit your pants.
To clear a room or vechile.
To end a dive suddenly.
Smells like he killed a badger.
Had to pull over a get out of the car, because Matt KILLED A BADGER.
Look someone killed a badger in there drysuit under wear and left it on the shore.
by TFT1974 March 25, 2007
A person who can slow down an entire group.
A person who requires constant help or attention from some one else.
What an anchor! She helled up an entire line at the check out for no reason.
That gut is such an anchor. He made us all wait half an hour so he could go kill a badger.
I do not want to bring Dave any where. He is such an anchor. A short trip takes all day with him.
by TFT1974 March 25, 2007

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