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A city in Minnesota USA, largely dependent on the hotel buisness due to its Mayo Clinic, which gives it the name "med"-city. IBM has a plant in Rochester, and these two big "businesses" virtually dominate the jobs in Rochester, almost everyone’s mom or dad works at either of the two.
Lots of free time, lots of drugs, and a growing crime rate ever since it was pronounced the best place to live in the US in 93 or 94.

It’s about an hour away from the only other city in Minnesota that matters, the twin-cities, and has several small towns surrounding it. Drug dealers usually reside in these small towns.

There are four major highschools; John Marshall, Mayo, Century, Lourdes (private). Many other alternative schools for the dumbasses that drop out or get kicked out of the other schools( ROC, Studio Academy, Schaffer Academy...) The teenagers go to "rock" town from surrounding towns, exclaiming it’s the shit. Yet they usually just end up cruising Broadway for hours on end, showing off their extreme skill of burning gas and blaring loud music. Then the teenagers from this "rock" town go to the cities, saying that Rochester sucks and there is "never anything to do here". In the end, it’s a great place to live, and just take some time to notice what there really is to do.
The growing rate of Rochester is staggering, and already tops 100,000 people, with over 7,000 visitors at any given time. A four year college is believed to be a possibility in the near future, and will most likely make rochester, truly , a radical place to live.
"hey man, lets go in to rochester minnesota to get a sack, then cruise broadway to find some bitches... fuckin kasson sucks"
by TEDstead June 05, 2007

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