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This is a woman... or a man that loves to fuck anything anytime! They will go so far as to "mop" the cum off one dick and hit another without missing a beat. They are often seen in porno movies.
Dude, that filthy animal is a cock mop if I've ever seen one!
by TDP411 February 27, 2008
Exceptionally large testicals on a human male. So large they incite fear in all that see them.
Holy shit, that dude has fuckin Cowballz!
by TDP411 February 25, 2008
First: A loud exhaust system on a Harley Davidson motorcycle
Second: A big fat cock. ie Hog= Fat. Pipe= Penis
1: That's a nice Hogpipe on your bike.
2: I hit that pussy with the old Hogpipe this weekend.
by TDP411 February 29, 2008
This is, of course, anal sex.
I was doin the chocolate highway boogie with jane last night.
by TDP411 February 27, 2008
This occurs when either yourself or your girlfriend is jacking you off and pulls a BIT too hard.
Damn! She gave me a pipewrench last night and it still hurts!
by TDP411 February 19, 2008
Noun: A person that tends to get obliterated (drunk) on any trip they take. Especially if they do not have to operate a motor vehicle. And especially on an Amtrak trip.
Hey, where's Shitbag McGee? HA! He's still on the train barfing from all the joy juice between Tampa and Jacksonville.
by tdp411 December 16, 2010
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