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a person affected by the genetic disease called gingervitis. Gingers have unattractive features that include nauseous red hair, gross pale skin, and skin disfigurations called freckles. Gingers are creepy, unappealing, and hard to look at. No normal person is attracted to a ginger, and therefore would not want to carry on any kind of sexual relationship with a ginger. This is the reason there are so few gingers in the world. Most people don't wish to carry on any kind of relationship with a ginger, mush less a relationship involving physical contact. There is no cure for gingervitis, but some gingers compensate for their disease by dying their hair brown or blond and tanning frequently. Those that don't will face a life full of rejection.
Example 1:

Sam - Look at that gross family of gingers that walked by.
Will - I know, those things creep me out.
Sam - I wish they would all just die off.
Will - That is the wish of any normal person
by TC:NY August 29, 2011

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