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A surprisingly filling drink; a drink that will fill you with a lot of pleasure; created by TeamBJ
My favorite drink is the Jolenitini. It's absolutely amazing!
by TBJ March 19, 2008
A strong, powerful, and sexy drink that will show you a good time and then kick your ass; created by TeamBJ
Oh man, i had 3 Tayberry(s) last night, I fucked blonde tripletes, and then I puked all over them. It was awesome.
by TBJ March 19, 2008
A party crew consisting of three glamourous girls that tend to arouse sexual desire or interest. They pre-game harder than you party and always come with jello shots and lots of beer; TBJ
Damn those girls are really amazing at throwing parties, they're almost as good as TeamBJ
by TBJ March 19, 2008
An erotic drink that will satisfy your most wildest desires; you drink one and an instant party atmosphere surrounds you; created by TeamBJ
When I drink a Sex on the Blaire I become a babe magnet. All the bitches want me.
by TBJ March 19, 2008
The assignment to successfully date rape the tall gorgeous guy and to kidnap and rescue one of your best friends whom you haven't seen in ages.
Look, Doug's here, get the drugged jello shots so we can quip him.
by TBJ February 23, 2008

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