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The art and design school located in Baltimore Maryland that wishes it was "The Rhode Island School of Design"
1 "Where do you go to school?"

2 " MICA, its one of the best art schools in the country"

1 " Oh, yea that was my safety school, I go to RISD"
by TBA91 March 27, 2010
Maryland Institute College of Art, otherwise known as "MICA"

is a decent art school in Baltimore , Maryland. it often compares itself to the likes of The Rhode Island School of Design and The School of the art institute of Chicago. The reality is that nobody wants to live in Maryland and the school excepts anyone who can hold a pencil.

MICA students also commonly have a sense of importance however they are just embarrassed that they got rejected from RISD and SAIC
1 : where do you go to school?

2 : I got to MICA, it's one of the best art school's in the country

1 : cool, that was my safety school, I go to RISD. We make real art there .
by TBA91 March 27, 2010
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