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The general consensus that a certain person, place, thing, or idea needs to involve more impsex.
Doom needs no more impse.
Halo, because it has no imps, needs a significant amount of impse to be added.
by TAS August 12, 2005
An unfavorable person who has a frosted hair style, making them look ridiculous.
Stop spending all of your money on haircare, you Frost-headed bastard.
by TAS August 12, 2005
n. One who works for the Canadian franchise Tim Horton's, usually someone who takes pride in the demeaning job.
Look at him serving that watery garbage. What a Timwhore!
by TAS October 17, 2005
The battle cry of the pseudo-intellectual.
IDIOT:"OMG I was watching Donnie Darko last night. It's soooo deep. I love the Bizarro Teen Angst."
ME: "Guess what, it's still got nothing on Evil Dead II."
by TAS April 04, 2005

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