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A culturally significant holiday for persons of Mexican heritage celebrated yearly on May 4th. Traditional festivities include wearing a sombrero, buying Cinco de Mayo decorations, and camping-out at Taco Bell.
Mat: Hey, you want to go camp-out for Cinco de Mayo Eve at Taco Bell?
Kat: Why?
Mat: So we can get the first tacos on Cinco de Mayo at Taco Bell! Its a cultural obligation.
by TAM TAM May 28, 2012
Panic!at the disco is a really great band that combines techno rock pop and so many other things. their album a fever you cant sweat out is divided into 2 parts by the song intermission the seconmd half uses pianos and what not. Now all those people hoo keep saying preps and 13 year olds never like the band your wrong cuz im a prep im 13 i heard of them like in december and i write sins not tragedies isnt their best song actually at least not to me and my friends. Yeah i might not understand all of their lyrics but i like the music and some of the things i dont understand i look it up so i can understand like i didnt no wat martdyrom was but now i do!! ok and all of us dont like one song on my ipod i have like 6 of their songs my favorite is Time to Dance then build god then we'll talk then But it's better if you do and i understand that song sompletly yeah i migth not be able to relate to it but i understand it so stop saying all those 13 year olds and preps! m'k!
Wow I love Panic! at the Disco!! I love how they use pianos in their songs!
by Tam Tam August 22, 2006

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