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Star Wars Day.
May the Fourth be with you!
by Mister Ignorant May 04, 2004
May 4th 1970-the day of the Kent State University (Ohio) shootings. 4 people died and many more were injured. The national guard came in because there were riots going on over the invasion of Cambodia during the Vietnam War.

Some people still think Kent State shoots people, this isn't the case.
KSU student : "Have you heard about May 4th?"
Random person: "Wasn't that the shooting at Kent State all of those years ago?"
by themontyfreak October 06, 2009
The date in 1919 when demonstrations against the pro-Japanese Treaty of Versailles began in Beijing, China, with student demonstrations. This was a major point in the modernisation of a China that would not use the traditional teachings of Confucius to build their new country. This was to become known all over China as the May 4th Revolution.
Boy: Cool, it's May 4th lets watch all 6 Star Wars films back-to-back
Man: No thanks, I'd rather remember the major turning point for the Chinese in becoming a recognised world power and trying to leave behind some of their traditional notions.
by Simon P Nut September 29, 2006
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