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When you go shopping for no reason and 'drift' around, but zombie drifting is when your hungover or half asleep and the only thing you can concentrate on is putting one foot infront of the other. one thing that can break a 'drift' is when someone says hello, where you can wither not reply (if your that zombiefyed) or reply with "halro" or some slurred version of hello and keep walking. The person that said hello usally think you dont like them.
Man I said hello to you yesterday and you said nothing to me, dont you like me or sumthin

Sorry dude i was Zombie drifting after we had that party
by T3H J4S0MEIS7ER December 22, 2006
AFk - Away from Keyboard
The next annoying thing from people going on an IM and putting busy straight away then going 30 minutes later i mean WTF. Avoid doing this unless you truely have a life or you want to play hard to get.
Dude that has a life - BRB guys dnt stat yet i got to feed the cat/baby/self
*'Dude that has a life' set his status to afk*

*Egotistic has signed in*
Decent person - Hey dude/babe hows it going
*Egotistic has set her/his status to away*
by T3H J4S0MEIS7ER October 05, 2006
LOL - A pointless Acronym used when theres nothing to say, or when sum1 says something and you dont know what to say or, for tightasses to say that they dont mean something and should say lol so the other person doesnt think there a poof or has a thing for sum1 ect ect NB: If you know someone that always says lol to you stop talking to them
P1 - did you c mr smith 2day OMG
P2 - lol
Stoner - Yeah so im going to see a rock concert and smoke some crank wanna come
Nerd - lol
Tightass - hey sexy
Random chik - hi
Tightass - LOL JJ
Wannabe - Lets have sex
Chik he digs - WAH?????????
Wannabe - lol jj
by T3H J4S0MEIS7ER October 05, 2006

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