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The word beautiful comes to mind. Unfortunately, neither this nor any other word in the English dictionary can begin to describe the women that this name has been ascribed to. Sarah. Helena of Troy would pale in comparison. What is it that makes her so alluring? Her smile is enduring, the thoughts of which will never leave your mind. Would you betray eternity for her? Dwelling on troubles that have torn you apart from her will drive you mad. Never hurt her as she deserves the best this world has to offer.
Guy 1, "Woah, dude did you just see that girl? It was like an unbelievable sense of inner beauty radiated from her as she walked by."

Guy 2, "What? She seems average to me man."

Guy 1, "Your crazy. The angels themselves must be burning with envy. She's a Sarah."
by T3A4oNe May 03, 2013

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