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An exclamation, usually uttered after meeting a person who is stupid to the point that any reproduction on his or her part would mess up the gene pool horribly.
After meeting that ignoranus, I whispered, "Darwin please be right".
by T2master October 26, 2007
Noun. Pronounced AY-buh. A line in a video game notorious for being mispronounced or grammatically incorrect. "All Your Base Are belong to us", an ayba itself, is where the word comes from.
"The miracle never happen" (Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney- Justice for All) is an ayba.
by T2master October 26, 2007
An object in which a promenent person, often a religious figure, can be seen. The name comes from the famous GRILLED cheese with the Virgin MARY on it.
Bob: OMGWTFBBQ! I can see Abe Lincoln on this potato chip!
Ted: You can see a Grilled Mary in anything.
by T2master October 28, 2007
n. a scedule with more appointments and events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as opposed to the other .
Man, I have a right-heavy scedule. Party Friday, trip to my mom's place Friday, flight Saturday, my kid's piano recital Sunday...
by T2master October 26, 2007
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