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People who travel in campers, and never take hotels or appartments. WOMO is a dutch term for `Woon mobiel' that means as much as Camper! Most Womo's are german or dutch and are probably fat!!!
Look at him he has to be a Womo! he's fat and talks with a strong german accent and i believe the camper over there is his!
by T-struction June 19, 2011
A game in which you beat one of your friends if you see a Renault Twingo! and if it's a yellow one you beat him twice!!!
Your friend: why did you beat me?
You: I saw a Twingo
your friend: ooh! Twingo slapping
by T-struction June 19, 2011
if something is etreme chill! and is not to describe in an other word! you use chillinx
That girl is really chillinx!
This day is chillinx!
by T-struction June 19, 2011
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