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This is a band, that mixes hardcore and rap. starting with 2 guys on myspace. bringing in 5 other friends to make seven before losing shady jeff and being 6 strong. is the change of the century in music. i dont know anyone that likes hardcore and doesnt like hollywood undead, same with rap. they dont make up stories, they spit their life something most rappers dont do anymore.As for their masks it adds a Erie touch like slipknot giving them an extra edge. plus they have a badass name.
"Hollywood Undead, get it through your head, download this song, put in your IPOD,fuck that put it on your homepage. you'll be the coolest kid on fuckin myspace.I'm at the scene club, told Jeffree star to beat it. cause I left her a comment and saw that bitch delete it. and thats fucked up because I sent it from my sidekick you got beef? meet me on Franklin and highland!!"
by T-sayl January 12, 2009
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