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Drum Corp International. An organization that sets the standards for drum and bugle corps to compete. Includes many World class corps and even more Open class corps. Some of the big named corps are: The Cavaliers, Phantom Regiment, Santa Clara Vanguard, and The Cadets. DCI is unique in the way of competition by the fact that there is no defense. Each corp is judged primarily and only on their performance and not by that of others. This is truely a sport of skill. Many fans of DCI insist on one corp being better than all others. This is a false statement. Each corp, especially World Class, has their own specialty quality while others specialize in a different quality. It is impossible, for example, for Phantom Regiment to be better than The Cavaliers and vice versa. If one needs help figuring out which is the best in their eyes, they should watch the semi-finals and finals of at least 2 years.
Who invented dci?
George Hopkins
by T-saxftw May 09, 2011

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