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SEXY,SEXY,SEXY! She is nice, sweet, caring, hot, SEXY, and is the best gf a dude could have. She likes younger guys (ME). Is somewhat short;still has time to grow, and is blonde. Not stupid blonde, cuz she is actually pretty smart, but hair color blonde, and will always say yes.
Friend 1 "Thomas is so lucky to have Krista, shes a year older than all of us"
Friend 2 "And the perfect together, a Thomas and a Krista almost match perfectly!"
by T-RAZZ_U_N00B9912 October 26, 2011
Nothing much to say....he's sometimes a jerk, is nothing like what the other people have said about him, and he is good at sports believe it or not! HAHA, he does still make a good friend just dont get on his bad side.
"Eh, daltons an ok friend but ive seen better"
by T-RAZZ_U_N00B9912 October 26, 2011

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