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2 definitions by T-Master

1 - The pinnacle of independant game creation.
2 - The best game one can possibly create.

The term originated in an Internet community of game designers who worked with the OHRRPGCE. A "Do-More-With-Less", time-limited game creation contest produced only two results, both of which were so poor that it prompted one of the members(named Gilbert), to vote for a 3rd imaginary game, entitled Airship 2600. The game proceeded to garner more votes than either of the other games and unofficially won the contest.
Your graphics are good, but they will never be as good as Airship 2600's.
by T-Master January 20, 2004
A variation on Russian Roulette, Kamloops Roulette derives its name from the small, boring town of Kamloops, which is situated in the interior of British Columbia. The locals there had nothing to do, and so invented this as a pasttime.

Like its namesake, it is a game where players alternate shooting at oneself with a revolver, until a shot goes off. Unlike its namesake, which is played with one chamber full and the rest empty, Kamloops Roulette is played with all six chambers full. The locals regard it with much amusement, and consider it a way of deterring people from visiting the hellish city.
Two out of three statisticians say there is no benefit to going last in Kamloops Roulette, because after the game you still live in Kamloops.
by T-Master March 21, 2004