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When you wrap the toilet under the lid and seat with the wrap so when one lifts the lid and goes to the bathroom for guys pee splashes everywhere, girls it splashes on them and could run off into their pants. Really bad when they have to drop a duece
Guy 1: dude, where is the bathroom i really have to go

Guy 2: upstairs man just dont make a mess

Guy 1: dude, WTF my piss went everywhere, was that saran wrap

Guy 2: oh b***h you just got Saraned
#saran #wrap #pee #bathroom #mess
by T-Free88 May 15, 2010
This is an act of intercourse performed with some smoking material and a female (only a female this is not the anal shotgun) One must take a hit and blow the shotgun in the ladies (taco) and if accomplished she will then blow out the smoke.
Bro 1: Dude, I gave my girl a taco shotgun and now she wants one like all the time.

Bro 2: No way man, keep doing that shit get her feeling really good
#taco #shotgun #weed #girl #smoke
by T-Free88 June 09, 2010
The act of intercourse where two fingers are placed in partner's booty hole and then spread apart and one must yell in the hole. If you hear an echo consider your attempt a success.
Bro, I gave this B the Sanford Stretch last night and damn shit echoed like i was at the Grand Canyon.
#booty #stretch #sanford #sex #finger #two #yell #echo
by T-Free88 May 15, 2010
when you see someone running very fast
Friend 1:Did you see that?
Friend 2: Ya man that boy put the gumps on

Friend 1:Yes I just won the race
Friend 2:Hey man where did you get those gumps?
#forest #forest gump #bubba #bubba gump #chocolate #stupid #running #shoes #mom #momma #your mom #ur mom #funny
by T-Free88 February 26, 2011
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