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73 definitions by T-Dog jenkins

To not be unable to get to someone or thing
Impossible Love, I just can't get to you; Impossible Love, I'm so tangled up in blue.
by T-Dog Jenkins January 03, 2005
12 5
1) (proper noun) a rundown milltown of 75,000 in Rhode Island populated by Roughnecks and Joeys.
2) (verb) to get sent down to the minors. It refers to the Pawtucket Red Sox, the AAA affiliate of the team in Boston.
Man, If Timlin doesn't shape up, Theo's going to have to Pawtucket his ass down to, well, Pawtucket.
by T-Dog Jenkins April 30, 2005
46 41
a suppository, specifically a glycerin suppository produced by either Fleet or Dulcolax. The silver bullet is approximately two inches long and cone shaped. The constipant should insert the silver bullet in his/her rectum with the flat side out.
Rufus: I can't poop.
Rufus' Mom: Lemme get a silver bullet.
Rufus: No silver bullet!
by T-Dog Jenkins May 17, 2007
41 37
the extra plural form of y'all. Refers to at least ten people.
Y'alls in the same family? Well, I'll be switched!
by T-Dog Jenkins July 15, 2005
32 28
derogatory term for someone who works in a cotton mill.
If you don't get that GED, you gonna be a lint head your whole life. Wait, nevermind.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 20, 2005
7 3
to lose credibility. related to the once superb label outta Jersey that now sucks shit.
Damn, Yep Roc got totally matadored.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 24, 2005
20 19
former Dallas Cowboy fullback Daryl Johnston's nickname. He was a big, powerful lead blocker.
Moose was always knocking the 49ers around in the NFC title game.
by T-Dog Jenkins July 13, 2005
17 21