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acronym for:

F requent
O ff
R amp
D ecoration
Just another stupid acronym for the Ford Motor Company
by T Ryan July 10, 2008
Acronym for Born Again White Nigger.

A white guy who at one point in his life lived a normal white man life, but at some point became "born again" into the fairest skinned black man you have ever met.

A wigger.
Leo really turned into a BAWN after he started listening to HIP HOP every second of every day.
by T Ryan November 12, 2007
Typically, a slow R&B jam to have sex to.

A song for screwing.
Brian McKnight has a long list of Baby Makers in his discography.
by T Ryan November 12, 2007
An unholy concoction that Cleveland Indians manager Lou Brown wants to feed to sportswriters in the 1989 baseball classic, Major League.
I'm for wasting sportswriters' time. So I figured we ought to hang around for a while and see if we can give 'em all a nice big shit burger to eat!
by T Ryan August 03, 2011
The name of the wildcat mascot of The University of Arizona. Without question, the greatest mascot in the history of American collegiate sports. He walks on two legs, wears a football/basketball jersey, sports a bitchin' cowboy hat and dual six-guns. Although he is an intimidating Wildcat, if he loses his hat he looks like a rabid bunny.
Arizona's Wilbur the Wildcat is vastly superior to ASU's weak mascot, Sparky.
by T Ryan August 05, 2011
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