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The ill-desired aftereffects commonly felt after gorging on McDonalds burgers to unnecessary extremes.

Usually presents with fever-like sluggishness and an unsettled stomach.
Can you open the car window please? It's feeling really hot in here, I think I have the McSweats.
#mcdonalds #sweat #ill #vomit #maccy ds #mc diddys #macdonalds #burger king
by T Liggins September 23, 2007
The action of doing something to extreme personal satisfaction; whether by doing it quickly and concisely, or particularly well/admirably.

Can be used either as a verb (see example 1), or as an exclamation when recognising the said traits (example 2).
1) "Boshed out my essay today, wrote it in one sitting!"

2) "Yeah, I met a girl out last night. An hour later we went back to hers afterwards, and did the deed! Bosh!"
#bish #bash #bosh #bang #bam
by T Liggins November 09, 2007
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