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When a male has a extremely under average penis

usually ranging to be 1-2 inches, and is constantly picked on

In some cases a female with an abnormaly above average Clitoris size

can also bean appropriate use for this term
Gay fish 1: Dude that ryan kid has a Smoke meat!!

Gay fish 2: I know I saw him walking by in the lockeroom, he's got a tic- tac In between his legs!!

Gay fish 1:haha lets pick on him like we did to logan!!
by T>H>O>M>A>S June 02, 2009
The act of having sexual intercourse with 4 other women at once
Gay fish 1: Hey didn`t corge gloony have 4G last night?!?!

Gay fish 2: Yeah i heard he boned eva johansen, scarlet mendes, jessica swift, and taylor alba

Gay fish 1: haha what a playboy
by T>H>O>M>A>S June 02, 2009

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