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She has a cute little pixie face, doe eyes, and an infectious laugh and smile. ALWAYS cooks with lots of spices. Very friendly and generous and caring, but her friends tend to resent her for getting good grades without appearing to do much work. Everyone's obviously just envious of her cleverness and charm! Is a confessional drunk but a loveable one at that. An all around lovely, great and reliable friend.

Disclaimer: Has a tendency to giggle too much, wear a dressing gown around the home, and slam doors!
"O, she's so kind, she's so Joelaine!"

"What? She got a first? But she doesn't study! What a Joelaine!!!"

"Aw, did you see that girl at the party? You know, the one with the Joelaine face?"
by Syrinx_Staffy February 04, 2010

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