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Used to describe or name someone who is slightly on the overweight side of the scale.
1. Urgh. Thanks for nothing! I can't believe you set me up on a blind date with Chubs from accounting!

2. Is it just me or do I look a little on the chubs side when I wear my Rock&Republic jeans?

3. Why does that chubs guy from phys. ed. keep stealing my sneakers?
by Syph Stevens January 24, 2007
Originally used as the all-purpose adjective, this word has morphed into a synonym for 'awkward', ‘strange’, and ‘funny’. It can be used to describe uncomfortable social situations and the like.
1. The way John stands so close to you when he talks is so wheeze!

2. Have you noticed how wheeze Monica becomes when she talks about her ankles?

3. Person one just finished discribing an awkward event.
Person two: Wheeze, man!

4. This caserole tastes a little wheeze, Grandma. Did you follow the recipie?
by Syph Stevens January 24, 2007

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